About ANZ Institute

The ANZ Institute (ANZI) was incorporated as a limited liability company in New South Wales, Australia, 1988. The ANZ Institute, is a learning and training organization. Its mission is to promote, develop and enhance the human capital of individuals across all communities and their organizations. The founding members and sponsors are drawn from the accounting profession, and the banking and financial services industry. The institute has an enlarged pool of expertise and resources drawn from its network of multidisciplinary partners and collaborators, and will continue to focus on strengthening its content and delivery capability as its mission.


ANZI is an aspiring social enterprise defined by the following guiding principles that were the founding values of its original sponsors –

  1. Focus on creating and enhancing human capital for a sustainable society
  2. 15% of its annual profits are dedicated to human capital development causes
  3. Pursues market – friendly policies towards all its stakeholders and
  4. Complements government efforts in poverty reduction.

Currently ANZI is a self–funding organization free of governmental, political and religious constraints. It is also evolving as a self-governing institution.


ANZI is a privately owned corporation with majority share ownership held by diverse multi-national shareholders interests. Presently the ANZ Institute is a self-funding initiative drawing support from its sponsors, like-minded organizations and corporate customers In the near future the ANZ Institute will become a publicly owned institution and will remain a self-governing organization. Its founding philosophy and vision will remain and set the core values as it evolves as an independent and public spirited institution.


ANZ Institute is incorporated under Australian corporate legislation with its office in Sydney NSW. It has its own Board of Directors supported by a Board of Independent Advisors, and a Faculty of Subject Matter Experts. At this juncture it operates as development organization focusing on skill-based training certification. It works through its established regional network of qualified subject matter experts relevant to our target markets and clientele. Its current focus are skills-based training to meet the skills-gap in the financial services sector. It is not registered with any educational or governmental organizations. It engages business communities and select government or quasi-government agencies in various country it operates in.

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Operating Model

ANZ Institute leverages on :-

  1. The global electronic delivery system for learning and training
  2. The global depository of knowledge and
  3. A network of subject matter experts in relevant fields.

To deliver

  1. Affordable learning and training programs across the various markets
  2. Efficiency yet effective in its delivery and
  3. Accessible programs across all communities.


ANZ Institute engages with important but diverse stakeholders.

  • The learners seeking to acquire knowledge and skills for the work place
  • The employer organizations that employ these learners and students
  • The human resources and network of experts of the ANZ Institute, and collaboration partners
  • The shareholders and sponsors of the ANZ Institute, and
  • The society at large where business organizations operate in, at different locations.

Our stakeholders are also taking on an international character as the Institute make further progress. It will continue to engage organizations, resources, learners and students, and all well wishers.

Value Creation

ANZ Institute offers value creation in the context of ensuring transfer of work-based skills to individuals. The outcome of this propositions include :-

  • Acquisition of employable skills by the learners
  • Enhanced human capital content in organizations
  • Income and revenue growth for the stakeholders
  1. Students and learners
  2. Employers, business and local community
  3. ANZI teaching faculties
  4. Partner organisations
  5. Management and employees
  6. Shareholders

Training Courses

ANZ Institute offers a suite of applied work-based courses targeted at enhancing work place competencies. The Executive Certifications for these courses include :-





The modern environment today is driven by financial considerations and objectives. In everyday life, financial knowledge and skills are essential for understanding and making decisions from making personal investments, to the review of business results and building business plans, and to raising financing for entrepreneurial activities.

Corporate executives in charge of operations, revenue generation and planning need a dose of financial intelligence regardless of their levels in the organization. This is crucial to improve their of value and productivity.

Others with entrepreneurial orientation need to develop financial intelligence to for making good business judgement. Financial intelligence is the DNA of business and is indispensable.

These Financial Intelligence courses are structured for the specific purpose of each of the learners or the organization that nominates them for the respective courses.


Organizations are operated by teams of people with tight work schedules with delivery objectives. Managing these teams of people requires a combination of understanding of the work environment as well as skills in resolving work based problems from time to time.

A manager is appointed to manage the work required and the people and allocated resources to achieved certain outcomes on time. Asa manager leadership skills are crucial as much as work planning and problem skills. For these reason, the ANZI Certificate in Applied Management comprises the various modules to equip the new managers for the upcoming role in their organizations.


The courses are provided through the self–paced e-learning mode and blended with training workshop based sessions where possible.

To enable the ANZI to deliver its mission effectively it leverages on the global electronic networks and the vast network of resources and knowledge depositories.


The ANZ Institute believes it can contribute towards enriching the learning environment through work-based education and skills development which will remain its primary focus.

ANZ Institute seeks to complement rather than compete, with many learning based organizations in enriching the well-being of people, particularly those underprivileged and those who are underserved. The final outcome must be creating value by building human capital.

In this respect ANZI strives to work with institutions, organizations and the business community to enhance the skills and knowledge of its primary beneficiaries. Organizations, learning institutions and subject matter experts are invited to be our partners in this social enrichment exercise.

Collaborative Model

ANZ Institute welcomes possible partnership arrangements with individuals and institutions that bring mutual benefits including :-

  1. As ANZI Representatives to promote and market ANZ Institute products and services
  2. Joint collaboration in the development of work place skills certification
  3. Joint delivery of courses targeted at specified markets
  4. Human Capital Development opportunities to suit specific market demands
  5. Participation in international forums, seminars and conferences

Similarly ANZ Institute would be committed towards sharing its expertise to develop programmes that are jointly owned by the collaborating parties.

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